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Maximize Project Profit with Four Simple Tips!

Maximize Project Profit with Four Simple Tips!

In today's challenging work environment, it's crucial to save money and drive maximum profit from every construction project. That's why Protecta offers solutions and services, helping you stay on schedule and on budget.

Project Profit Tip 1: Face Up to the REAL Cost of Damage

Don't write off damage as something that just happens or skip protecting parts of the project to save time. The truth is, finished floor areas are easily damaged, and surfaces like stairs, doors, kitchens, bathrooms, glass windows, and cabinets attract damage every minute you're on-site.

But the cost of damage goes beyond just occasional repairs:

  1. Risk of an imperfect fix: Sometimes, repairing damage doesn't leave the item as good as new and can even harm the finish and structure.
  2. The true cost of replacement: Choosing to replace a damaged surface involves lead time, the cost of the item, the time and labour for replacement, and the time lost on your ongoing project while the repair is carried out.
  3. Reputation is everything: Delaying a project due to avoidable damage can damage your reputation and impact future word-of-mouth business.

Remember, finished surface damage has a domino effect on your work, budget, time, and reputation. Consider these factors when budgeting for temporary surface protection.


Project Profit Tip 2: Plan for 'The Human Factor'

Mistakes happen because we're all human, even skilled professionals like you. Budgeting for this reality upfront removes the risk of delays and costly repairs at the end of the project.

For example, even the lowest-cost floors will still cost more to repair or replace than the cost of quick-apply temporary floor protection. So, investing in temporary surface protection from the beginning is a cost-effective choice.

Project Profit Tip 3: Learn from Construction Peers

Learn from the experiences of other construction professionals who have seen significant benefits from a small investment in temporary surface protection. We often share behind-the-scenes insights from projects where protection has paid off big for our clients.

  • Nash Group utilised Protecta Board XTRA to protect new granite floors from elevated work platforms and heavy boom lifts during the fitout of Martin Place Metro station – Read more
  • Shape chose easy-to-install and reusable FastWall in black to separate the work zone from a high-end lobby with five metre ceilings – Read more
  • With a 22,000 sqm Customer Fulfilment centre to complete, Vaughan Constructions installed SuperTall ZipWall® to protect completed sections from dust generated from sections under construction saving on cleaning costs – Read more

Project Profit Tip 4: Remove the Guesswork!

Many users of temporary surface protection products make the costly error of using a familiar product or one that "probably" works well. Instead, take a better approach:

  1. Avoid overpaying: Our Protecta specialists offer a free project assistance service to help calculate the best option based on factors like the level of protection needed, duration of protection required, and the surfaces to be protected.
  2. Try before you buy: Take advantage of our Protecta Project Protection Kit, where you can handle and assess a product before placing an order.
  3. Stay one step ahead: Stay informed about the latest time-saving innovations by signing up for our quick-read email newsletter. Follow us on social media for insights, updates, and giveaways designed for construction pros.