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Case Study: Delivering Class and Functionality for High End Building Upgrade

Case Study: Delivering Class and Functionality for High End Building Upgrade

Project Details

181 William Street, Melbourne VIC, Building Upgrade

Products Used

Key Outcomes

  • Easy to install and relocate
  • Matte black high-end finish
  • Enabled business as usual during fit out


181 William Street is a prestigious office building located in Melbourne, which is currently undergoing recladding around the building entranceway extending into the lobby.


To ensure a safe environment for visitors and minimise any construction-related inconvenience, Shape faced the challenge of finding a suitable hoarding system to separate the construction area from the lobby. The task was further complicated by the building’s high ceiling of nearly 5 metres, requiring an easy-to-install solution that would ensure a professional
appearance and blend seamlessly with the sleek furnishings in the lobby. The hoarding system also needed to be able to be relocated to a different area of the lobby after a few months.


Shape sought a hoarding system that met their specific requirements. The black FastWall hoarding system proved to be an ideal solution for their needs. The matte black finish provided a high-end appearance that blended harmoniously with the new lobby furnishings. The FastWall hoarding system created a clear separation between the lobby and the construction area while minimising noise and dust transfer to the public area. 

The FastWall hoarding system’s 4.8-metre panels allowed for a seamless installation that could span the height of the space with a single panel. The panels could also be easily trimmed to create a tight seal at the top and bottom of the hoarding system.

The FastWall hoarding system’s most significant feature was its ease of installation and removal. After the fitout was completed, the hoarding system could be quickly demounted and reinstalled at another location with minimal disruption and no mess.

Final Result

The FastWall hoarding system’s finished result met the high-end aesthetic of the lobby and added to its overall ambience,
rather than creating the impression of an active construction site. The hoarding system provided a reusable solution that Shape can utilise for other projects or recycle entirely, promoting sustainable practices.

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