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Healthcare Protection Solutions - Industries - Protecta


Infection control and containment are critical in any healthcare facility. Protecta Group specialises in providing solutions for Healthcare facilities, Hospitals, Vaccination Clinics, Aged Care facilities, Laboratories and Clean Rooms.

We provide solutions for key challenges, including:

Protecting People

  • Protecting High Risk Patients
  • Infection control compliance
  • Keeping staff safe
  • Isolating & Segregating

Quarantine & exclusion zone

  • Quickly deployable isolation screening
  • Fast and flexible walls & wards
  • Maximising Capacity

Ability to deal with a sudden influx of cases

  • Modular space saving systems
  • Expand capacity without shutdown
  • Minimising Contamination

Abatement & Air Quality Control

  • Seal off areas to avoid risk and disruption
  • Easy to clean surfaces

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