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Case Study: Dust Barrier Solution for Warehouse Construction Project

Case Study: Dust Barrier Solution for Warehouse Construction Project

Project Details

Vaughan Construction - Woolworths Customer Fulfillment Centre, Auburn NSW

Products Used

Key Outcomes

  • Fast and easy to install
  • Protected completed areas from dust during construction
  • Adjustable poles suitable for multiple ceiling heights up to 6m


With a $64 million, 22,000 sqm Customer Fulfillment Centre construction project to complete, Vaughan Constructions needed to protect the completed sections from excessive dust from the sections still under construction.


The large warehouse being constructed for Woolworths supermarket for picking and packing online grocery orders, was semi-open, which meant dust would become an issue. They needed to install a temporary barrier that could be easily repositioned and would restrict the movement of dust throughout the site.

An added challenge was the multiple ceiling heights on the project. They needed a solution to fit a variety of ceiling heights up to six metres and to create a dust barrier that could span the entire height and length of the area to be protected.


It seemed a difficult problem to solve until they discovered Super-Tall ZipWall® system. The adjustable spring-loaded poles could reach a height of 6.1m, which meant they could create a floor-to-ceiling barrier in all the different areas of the site. The suspended plastic created a barrier that could keep dust out and stand up to airflow coming from the open sides of the warehouse.

Park One Case Study FastWall 2

ZipWall® installation completed. 

Final Result

One of our Onsite Specialists was on hand to assist with training the team on installation and the barrier was put up quickly and safely. The completed sections of the build are now protected from exposure to the dust created by the construction activity in other areas on the site significantly reducing cleaning costs and time. The flexibility of the ZipWall® system allows the barrier to be repositioned during construction, as required.

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