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Case Study: Swift, Sound-Dampening Solution for Optus Office Fitout

Case Study: Swift, Sound-Dampening Solution for Optus Office Fitout

Project Details

727 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC

Products Used

Key Outcomes

  • Recyclable, efficient work zone separation
  • Exceptional sound-dampening performance
  • Fast and easy to install


727 Collins Street in Melbourne is centrally located in the award-winning, Green Star design Collins Square which consists of six office towers.


Hunter Mason needed a hoarding to protect office areas from dust and noise while undergoing an office fitout for Optus in the 727 Collins Street building. The project included blocking off the expansive building atrium within a short period of one week.


The ideal solution to enclose the atrium and separate work zones and office spaces was the Enviro Wall®, readily available from the Protecta Melbourne warehouse. This choice not only facilitated rapid installation, being 75% faster than traditional plaster walls but also demonstrated outstanding sound-dampening qualities, as noisy power tools did not impact building occupants through the finished wall. The Enviro Wall® hoarding system could be reused on new projects when the fitout was complete.

Final Result

Environmentally friendly Enviro Wall® provided a swift and efficient solution to separate work zones from office areas while delivering excellent sound-dampening properties, with installation completed ahead of schedule.

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