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Case Study: Superior Floor Protection Prevents Defect Costs in High End Fitout

Case Study: Superior Floor Protection Prevents Defect Costs in High End Fitout

Project Details

Visage Building Group - Long Island Bar & Kitchen, Lakeside Shopping Centre, Victoria Point QLD

Products Used

Key Outcomes

  • Prevents damage and saves repair costs
  • Provides a solid and nonslip surface for workers
  • Reusable on future projects


Visage Building Group had a large fit-out job at Victoria Point to transform an old, tired commercial building into a stunning, modern bar and restaurant. The upgrade included high-end, modern fittings, creating a sleek modern function space.


The design requirements for this project required the new vinyl flooring to be installed at the beginning of the project, so that all the benches and cabinets for the bar and kitchen could be installed on top of the new flooring. This presented a challenge as the finished flooring would be exposed to construction traffic including dirt and debris, therefore was at risk of being damaged.

Long Island Case Study Bubble Board

Bubble Board protecting vinyl flooring from construction damage and debris.


After speaking about the project needs with one of our Protecta Group Specialists, Visage Building Group used Protecta-Board 3mm Bubble Board to cover the entire area of vinyl flooring after it was laid. This reduced the risk of the finished flooring being susceptible to damage throughout the construction works.

Once the Bubble Board was in place, it not only protected the vinyl, but also provided a solid and slip-resistant surface, able to withstand heavy traffic, while the rest of the project was completed.

Long Island Case Study Bubble Board 2

High-impact rated Bubble Board means your floors will be protected from damage and expensive repairs. 

Final Result

When the protection was removed at the conclusion of the project, not only was the new flooring preserved in pristine condition, but the Bubble Board could also be reused on their next project. By using our Bubble Board, Visage Building Group were able to save time and money, by ensuring that there was no need to clean or repair damaged flooring at the end of the project.

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Long Island Case Study Hero

Protected floors means less delays and happier clients.