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The Top 3 Ways to Protect your Windows - Compared

The Top 3 Ways to Protect your Windows - Compared

Windows and glass are vulnerable yet vital, and with numerous ways to shield them, finding the ideal protection can be a pane! But which option reigns supreme, in this article we will be looking at the top three ways to protect your windows, all with different strengths and applications, so check out the article below to find your crystal-clear solution.

Protecta Film Window

Protecta Film Window is the most cost efficient and easy to use solution for glass and window protection that utilises special adhesive technology to stick smooth against the window surface.

It's designed to protect glass and frames on most windows and doors from paint and mortar splashes. Whether used internally or externally, its versatility shines through, making it an ideal solution for most windows and doors from paint and mortar splashes.

The key benefits lie in its ease of application—simply roll out and press in place to form a tight grip. It's important to note Protecta Film Window is not a one size fits all solution as it isn’t suitable for treated or tinted glass surfaces and prolonged application beyond 60 days is not recommended.

Protecta Flute Translucent

Protecta Flute Translucent is a lightweight and versatile window protection solution, perfect for longer projects where maintaining natural light is essential. Its unique design allows light to pass through while also providing a layer of impact protection for windows.

Commonly used in fit-out projects to shield glass partitions and balustrades from marks and impact damage, while still being lightweight and with no maximum period it can stay on for the entire length of the project. This solution is also suitable for all types of glass including treated or tinted glass surfaces.

Protecta Felt

Protecta Felt is a new way to protect your windows, available in a 1m wide 25m long roll, 2mm thickness. Protecta Felt has a low tack adhesive underside allowing it to stick to any smooth and uncontaminated surface and can be used on curved glass panels. It provides some sound dampening and privacy between the work site and public areas.  

Protecta Felt performs best when applied to a clean surface as dirt and dust can limit the effectiveness of its low tack adhesive underside. It can be left in place for an extended period, unlike Protecta Film Window, therefore is suitable for longer projects. 



Best for Performance- Translucent Coreflute
For those prioritising performance, Protecta Flute Translucent offers unmatched scratch protection, while also providing you a layer impact protection not seen in other window protection products.

Easiest to Apply- Protecta Film Window
Protecta Film Window takes the lead with its straightforward application process with its special adhesive technology, allowing it to be easy to roll out and press in place.

Best for Long Term Protection- Translucent Coreflute
Due to its greater durability Translucent Coreflute is the ideal solution for longer term protection, with it able to be up for the entirety of your project, unlike Protection Film Window and Protecta Felt which both have set maximum durations.


In your pursuit of window protection solutions, our product range offers the perfect fit for every need. Whether you prioritise ease of use, premium performance, or cost-effectiveness, we have you covered. Explore our range today to find the ideal protection for you: