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Enviro Wall®: Sustainable, Australian Made Hoarding System

Enviro Wall®: Sustainable, Australian Made Hoarding System

Introducing the newest addition to our range of hoarding solutions: Enviro Wall®.  An innovative system combines prefinished panels, tracking and door kits to quickly create temporary or permanent walls in freestanding and floor-to-ceiling applications.

The Australian-made Enviro Wall® comprises a unique engineered structure consisting of tough, water-resistant facing, bonded to a high-strength honeycomb core.  It is made from recycled materials and is fully recyclable. Best suited to internal projects, Enviro Wall® has been tested as reducing sound by up to 27dB.

Enviro Wall® is easily installed by one or two people using standard power or hand tools with walls up to 5.4 metres high using its standard componentry.

A site office or divider wall can be created in just a few hours using our powder-coated aluminium tracking and door kits with lever or digital lock (see below).

Double door kit Enviro Wall

Projects best suited to Enviro Wall®

  • Temporary and permanent offices
  • Work zone separation partitions
  • Sound segregation walls
  • Site amenities
  • Cutting rooms
  • Acoustic enclosures

We offer a complimentary hoarding take-off, design and quoting service including site visits in many areas. Same-day delivery options are available.

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