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Case Study: HoardFast - Key to the Big Pineapple's Seamless Renovation

Case Study: HoardFast - Key to the Big Pineapple's Seamless Renovation

Project Details

Farrago Interiors - Big Pineapple, Sunshine Coast, QLD

Products Used

Key Outcomes

  • Quick installation and easy to relocate
  • Cost savings achieved with a reusable hoarding system
  • Website made placing and paying for the order easy


The Big Pineapple, a heritage-listed attraction and national tourism icon on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast in Woombye, is undergoing a significant refurbishment. This iconic 16-metre fibreglass structure was once Australia’s most popular tourist destination, attracting over a million visitors annually. A comprehensive renewal and transformation project, guided by a master plan for the entire 170-hectare landholding, aims to restore the Big Pineapple’s former glory and make it a highly popular destination once again.


The refurbishment project presented several challenges that needed to be addressed to ensure the seamless continuation of work while maintaining a safe and welcoming environment for visitors. It was crucial to create a clear and secure separation between the ongoing renovation works and public areas to ensure visitor
safety and minimise disruption.

The hoarding system needed to maintain its structural integrity in outdoor conditions and had to be easily relocatable as the project progresses through multiple stages. Additionally, the hoarding panels needed to accommodate vinyl graphics on the face which provided wayfinding and information to visitors.

Protecta HoardFast hoarding system used as a barrier for the renovations.


Farrago was engaged to carry out stage one of the refurbishment. They implemented a solution that included refurbishing the iconic fibreglass pineapple, constructing a new deck, modernising the cafe entrance, and installing stylish new seating.

To address the specific requirements for hoarding during the renovation, HoardFast was chosen for its ability to withstand outdoor conditions and its smooth finish, which made it easy to apply graphics. HoardFast has been designed for quick installation and reusability, ensuring it could be efficiently relocated throughout the various stages of the project. The ability to select and order the system components online, made it easy to order the items required for the project.

Final Result

The implementation of these solutions resulted in the fast installation of the hoarding system, keeping the project on schedule. The reusable nature of the hoarding system provided significant cost savings, as it could be repurposed throughout different stages of the renovation. The informative graphics and updated facilities enhanced the visitor experience, even during the renovation period. With stage one successfully completed, the refurbishment of The Big Pineapple is progressing smoothly, and visitors and locals are eagerly anticipating the full revitalisation
of this beloved attraction.

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Information and wayfinding graphics attached to the HoardFast panels enhance the visitor experience during the renovation period.