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Case Study: A Weather Resistant Barrier Keeping Carparks Clean And Dry

Case Study: A Weather Resistant Barrier Keeping Carparks Clean And Dry

Project Details

Residential Apartments - Sydney NSW

Products used: FastWall Hoarding System

Key Outcomes

  • Permanent weather resistant barrier
  • Cars protected from dirt and damage
  • Increased resident satisfaction


Residents in a residential apartment block in Sydney were complaining of runoff in the carpark during periods of heavy rain, making the cars and carparks dirty, wet and potentially slippery. With increasing pressure on house prices, especially in capital cities, it has become widespread practice for excavations to take place to provide adequate carpark space for multi-story residential buildings. The ongoing challenge is to manage the drainage and ventilation in these underground spaces.


Our client was challenged to implement a permanent solution that would create a protective barrier between the carpark and the walls of the carpark where the majority of runoff was occurring. This would significantly reduce the risk of vehicles getting dirty and the carpark could remain cleaner, drier and therefore safer for residents.

FastWall Case Study Basement carpark Before

Carpark wall before


The FastWall system, made from durable and weatherproof PVC, was ideal for creating a permanent barrier to the runoff in the carpark. FastWall is a smart walling solution that uses prefinished panels with easy-fit tongue and groove design for fast installation. Panels can be cut to size to fit bespoke spaces to quickly create temporary or permanent hoardings, barriers and rooms.

Final Result

After FastWall was installed in the carpark, runoff following heavy rain was no longer an issue for building management and residents as their cars and the carpark remained clean and dry.

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