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4 Reasons Your Site Needs Dust Control

4 Reasons Your Site Needs Dust Control

Construction site works create a lot of mess, and with all that grinding, cutting, jackhammering, demolition and strip out, there’s bound to be a whole lot of dust that goes with it. While workers on a dusty site will wear dust PPE when legally required, there are still many instances where they and others are likely to inhale dangerous particles floating around on the site.

As such, dust control is crucial to any work site. When dust isn’t properly controlled, it not only exposes workers to health risks but can also damage finished surfaces and equipment. Here are four reasons your site needs dust control asap.

1. Protects People

Excessive dust particles can be hazardous to employees' health, particularly if they are exposed over extended periods. Dust-related health problems are one of the most prominent reasons jobsite workers and the public take leave long-term. The buildup of dust in the lungs can cause inflammation, leading to dangerous and irreversible health issues, such as fibrosis, silicosis or lung disease. These health conditions impair productivity in the workplace and put you at risk for workers' compensation and personal injury litigation. 

Dust can also be a safety threat, making it harder for workers to see what’s in front of them or creating potential hazards around the workplace (such as slippery flooring). Dust control promotes a clean and healthy working environment that reduces the risk of accidents and other potential harm. 

2. Protects Finished Surfaces

Finished surfaces can be readily damaged without efficient dust management, resulting in expensive faults that could have been avoided. Additionally, keeping sites free of dust reduces the cost and time required to clean up after the job is completed. By taking preventative measures to keep dust away, construction projects can be completed without risking damage or excess costs.

3. Protects Your Equipment 

If dust isn’t kept under control, it can cause significant damage to construction equipment. When dust particles gather and settle on machinery, they can cause blockages and other issues that can impair performance. Some dust particles are also abrasive and can wear down machine moving parts, leading them to degrade faster than expected. This not only results in expensive repairs but also in lost production time. As such, dust control is essential for extending the life of expensive tools and appliances. 

4. Protects Your Reputation 

Dust on a job site is not just a health and safety hazard, it’s also unsightly and it can quickly ruin your reputation if you’re in a public location. Not only does it impact those onsite, but if people who live or work nearby have asthma, allergies or heart disease, it can also affect them – and of course, that’s detrimental to your business. These days, many people who hire contractors to do work for them are looking for dust management as part of their contract. They want high quality work from a company that goes above and beyond, putting the safety and wellbeing of others first.

Get Your Dust Under Control

Keeping the levels of construction dust at safe and healthy levels is not only a legal requirement, but also essential for the health and safety of your personnel and your consumers. For this reason, it is crucial you have a durable, capable dust control system you can depend on.

There are many little things you can do on a job site to help with dust control, including cleaning workspaces, beams and ventilation shafts regularly. You can also try to isolate areas that are prone to dust through the use of screening and partitioning solutions.

Protecta is one of Australia's top providers of dust control solutions, having been in operation since 2006. The team are committed to providing contractors and building owners affordable, easy to install dust control solutions, including dust barriers that create a barrier, work zone, or cutting area for renovations, refurbishments, demolition, and upkeep. We also offer air filtration and extraction methods, hoardings, and temporary walls.

Dust control is instrumental in ensuring a safe and efficient work site - something all employers should prioritise. If you want to know more, contact our team today.