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Why Protecta Group?

Commitment to ZERO Dust, ZERO Damage, Zero Defects means you can rely on Protect Group to provide protection systems and solutions to ensure your project is completed defect and damage free. Market analysis shows consistently high defect and damage costs on construction projects where adequate temporary protection is not in place. Protect your bottom line by handing over each job in a pristine and flawless condition! Find Australia’s widest range of temporary surface protection products at Protecta Group. The Protecta team is committed to ‘Customer First’, and continually achieve this through product research, sourcing and extensive testing along with our tradie orientated shipping solutions, highly knowledgeable product specialists and customer first account managers.

The Safe Option

Protection costs are known and budgeted costs

Protecting your job will help it flow and ensure on time completion and payment

If the customer is happy, the project will go more smoothly

Your company image will be enhanced from start to finish

Containing noise, dust and fumes is safe and environmentally responsible

Effective containment and dust control means reduced clean up costs

The Risky Option

Repair and rectification costs are unknown and unpredictable

Defects delay job progress and payments could result in penalty rates

An unhappy customer can make things very difficult for your whole organisation

If your protection looks bad, you can be sure your reputation will follow suit

Lack of care for personnel and the environment is unprofessional and irresponsible

Defective and contaminated jobs can result in major clean-up expenditure